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Window awnings can enhance the beauty and value of your home by adding shape, dimension, and color to exterior areas of your home, which may otherwise be plain in appearance.  More importantly, window awnings can help save energy and help prevent furniture and carpet from fading due to direct sunlight.  Awnings prevent solar radiation from shining directly through windows and glass doors and can keep inside temperatures cooler, which in turn lowers air-conditioning costs.  It has been stated that awnings can reduce the temperature in your home by several degrees on a hot, sunny day.  They add charm and elegance to your home thus giving it greater curb appeal without obstructing views from the windows.
Our new line of durable, long lasting, window awnings were designed specifically to combine a unique sort of beauty and style with a practical, efficient purpose.
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For more awning styles and features, please visit our awnings website at www.WindowAwningsUSA.com  Click Here